This project was launched with the goal of developing a compelling, innovative and playfulknowledge transfer system, capable of empowering the Dealers’ product knowledge worldwide.
The platform is conceived to transmit top brand image via a high-level training initiative, strengthening specific brand loyalty among multibrand dealerships, and providing them with support for new product launches.

Tyre Campus homepage

The project is articulated in three work packages: 

  • Set up: concept finalisation, activity planning, internal stakeholder involvement
  • Platform creation: definition of technical and functional requirements, interface creation, development of IT system-application components
  • Content creation: designing and developing content in different formats in line with different objectives

“I can say with great satisfaction that all the Tyre Campus goals have been achieved: Market feedback from areas targeted have been extremely positive, even better than we had hoped. And customers who have already used the platform have also expressed high satisfaction ratings. Obviously this is considerably satisfying, and furthermore pays off for all the effort that we put into this project.”

Head of Retail Training

One of the biggest factors driving this success has been the Tyre Campus’ innovative approach based on gamification.

Its has videogame-like graphic style and an interactive interface: edu-gaming is one of the main formats employed for content transfer.

The incentive to participate is based on rankings and prizes: users gain points according to number of login and learning results achieved.

“Overall very interactive, not too long completing each module so you can log on and off at your will, and in the long term I think is definitely a benefit for the sales team to keep learning about the new products entering the market.”

Local Training Manager (Germany)

Coreconsulting has been awarded with the Pirelli Supplier Award assigned to just nine international companies, selected for outstanding performance out of Pirelli’s over twelve thousand suppliers in 2013.

“I thought it was great and I learned a lot. It’s one of the better sites so far that I have trained on. It was intuitive and easy to follow. The tests were just right for checking understanding. Thanks again, great job!”

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