A process of planning, involvement, training, governance support, communication and change management, founded on teamwork with the Human Resources Department, and ICT Organisation and Direction.

We helped the company to build an innovative vision, a concept and a roadmap for the new intranet, starting from a benchmarking of leader companies in Italy and worldwide. Supported by the top manager’s firm commitment, we worked with the project team from the Human Resources and ICT departments, and involved middle management in building the value proposition and in elaborating business case and functional requirements.

The final outputs of our design activities have been the creation of a prototype, the visual design, the functional requirements and technical specifications for developing the intranet in a Microsoft SPP 2013 environment. During the implementation phase we provided support services for system development and testing. But as for any successful technological innovation project, the collaboration with SEA put a great deal of attention on Change Management. This is why we worked first and foremost on planning the governance system and on content management processes, taking a model based on the Line’s strong involvement. We designed the communication plan and the launch of SEAnet, creating its multimedia contents and contributing to the training of editorial staff and key users.

The SEAnet homepage

SEAnet is a latest-generation platform designed to communicate, involve, inform and support the collaborative labours of 2,800 employees, of whom 70% work in airport operational desk-less activities.

This is why it has been conceived as the company’s digital workspace, offering high impact editorial contents with a strong emotional involvement but also highly profiled applications and operational tools.

In a short time, SEAnet became the company’s institutional communication channel of choice, an instrument for engaging and actively involving people. It is also a space for the main departments to present themselves and dialogue, a HR’s B2E services and welfare “portal”, the operative platform for running virtual communities, and a tool to simplify and improving operational communication processes, gradually taking the place of emails.

SEAnets SPP 2013 functions have also been used to start a project for testing and spreading new approaches and practices of collaborative documents management.