Programmes and tools for listening, involving, managing, evaluating, orientating, developing and training to engage and boost the skills of new recruits, talents, key people, middle and top management and executives.



  • Analysis and definition of values, leadership and management styles
  • People strategy
  • People branding
  • Models and systems for managing and developing individuals
  • Classification models and career paths according to professional families and broadbands
  • Models of diversity management
  • An extensive and integrated portfolio of training methods, both face-to-face and distance, both formal and informal


  • Portfolio of training formats and contents
  • Assessment & development center (for individuals and groups)
  • 180° and 360° evaluation & reporting
  • Business coaching and peer coaching
  • Leadership programme
  • Master coach & team mentoring
  • Orientation programmes
  • Induction programmes
  • Talent programmes
  • Job Academy
  • Diversity management path
  • Blended Integrated Learning Systems (I.L.S)

Platforms and tools

  • PeopleView©: multi-tool and multi-channel assessment
  • Online people screening platforms and tools
  • E-learning and social learning platforms (LMS)
  • TrainingApp: mobile app to facilitate learning
  • Playground©: a gamification platform
  • CoachApp: mobile app to support and monitor coaching processes
  • WeApp: mobile app for digital scribing
  • SkillKeeper: mobile app for managing individual development plans