Organisational models, management systems, development programmes for salesforce focused on retail channels, and web&mobile platforms for establishing and boosting conversations with retail networks and with customers.

areas of intervention


  • Portfolio of organisational and managerial models for sales and retail networks
  • Management and sales policy
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Educational marketing
  • Selling cerimony
  • Customer relationship management models
  • Architecture for Sales Academy
  • Social media strategy and reputation


  • Assessment, animation, training and incentive systems for sales and post-sales personnel
  • Commercial launches
  • Gamification
  • Training for customer operations
  • Community management for sales networks, customers and front end personnel
  • Selling Kit
  • B2B and B2C communication campaigns
  • Publishing services: newsletters, fanzines, videos, games and multimedia contents
  • Transmedia storytelling
  • Internet PR
  • Digital retail e new customer experience

Platforms and tools

  • TIPS: Training & Incentive Platform for Salesforce
  • Responsive multilingual website
  • Sales Portal & App
  • Store Dashboard
  • Eventapp©: mobile app for interactive event management
  • Playground©: a gamification platform
  • Sales People Screening
  • Trisell: a mobile app for involving and motivating sales networks
  • KnowApp: a mobile app for competitive knowledge testing
  • How-toApp: a mobile app for on-the-job support