Innovative plans, methods and tools for communicating, involving, sharing, training and monitoring to help people understanding, digesting and implementing new organisational and managerial models and solutions drawn up by the company.

Areas of intervention


  • Strategies and models for conceiving, planning and monitoring changes
  • Strategies and systems for communicating, training and motivating
  • Strategies for propagating values, organisational models and strategic plans
  • Project and people branding


  • Multi-level and multi-tool communication and training plans
  • Engagement Survey
  • Organisational Change survey
  • Methods of Change Action crowdsourcing
  • Gamification
  • Creativity and visual identity
  • Conventions, road-shows, displays, events, videos, teasers, posters, etc.
  • Network and community management

Platforms and tools

  • Eventapp©: mobile app for interactive event management
  • Playground©: a gamification platform
  • PeopleView©: multi-tool and multi-channel assessment
  • SpeakApp: mobile app for group listening and communication