Playground© is a web and mobile platform, that allows you to set up a gamification project with communicative, learning and engagement goals, while integrating small as well as large groups of people, and including direct and indirect sales networks, staff and/or consumers.
Playground© allows the development of learning races and contests, competitive duels between participants, knowledge transfer processes, portal updates, entertainment and community of the latest generation.

It is a platform embedding multiple content formats (smart contents) aimed expressly at mobile surfing. Client’s contents, videos, media objects, activities carried out by the user and launched and completed challenges, may be included within the game’s algorithm. As a matter of fact, every action generates a score, which allows the players to move up in the rankings, by increasing their exposure and accessing awards.

It is an entirely responsive solution (it can be accessed via smartphone or via tablet). It is modular, ready to use and quick to install, thanks to our solution Game As A Service.

Playgorund interface on desktop

Playground © sums up in a single product all the best experiences of gamification made by Coreconsulting in the last five years. We experienced Playground © in several successful projects with major customers in the Services, Industry and Banks area. The high commitment of the users and the enthusiastic comments of those who have tested let us say that © Playground is a considerable tool to improve, in particular for the sales force performance: it provides quick and continuous updating of products, services, competitors and sales techniques. It is perfect to motivate and retain the sales force and let it grow the ability of being ambassador of the brand.

Discover the gamification projects we have completed BReady per BPER, FutureFromNow per Arsana, Tyre Campus per Pirelli, Personal Trainer per Samsung.

Playground© displays a basic structure (such as «click&play») allowing: to distribute points and badges in terms of contents, activities or functionalities, parametrizing the play algorithm to manage ratings (top 10, my performances, around me), to activate typical functions of a portal (personal profile, news, tagging, forum, media
archives, videos etc.).

Some plugins can be added to the basic structure: he Plugin «paths» to allow the gamification of multimedia objects, videos and edugame; the Plugin «user generated content» to allow the gamification of activities or contents generated by the users (upload of outputs, wikiglossary, forum participations); he Plugin «challenge» to activate duels between two players.

Other format are available within html5: magazine, matching game, simulations, matrix combination, puzzle game, poker game, knowledge game, test, check list, profiling quiz, and many others. Other content, tailored by the Client, can also be uploaded.

By combining plugins and contents, it is possible to define the project and gamification’s dynamics suiting best the client needs, in a quick and modular manner; these may incorporate stepwise contests, knowledge duels, edutainment portals, update portals and contribution battles.

Playground on mobile devices

Playground © use occurs with the GAAS formula (Games As A Service), that is through the rental of licenses (for a period of 3 months minimum) that include all server farm services, connectivity and the administration.

Playground© may easily be integrated with informative systems, portals and e-learning platforms of the client.

Platform configuration and set up takes normally a two weeks time span, let alone the construction of content and technical checks. Content can be made on the basis of already existing format or customer-supplied.

This allows to start a project quickly, concretely experiencing the solution and the benefits it can bring and make the costs variable.

All or part of editorial services are available in outsourcing, such as content updating and news, games and prizes management, reporting, entertainment and help desk.