We started with Conad a collaboration for the organizational development of the Consortium, the Cooperatives, their Members and their points of sale.

During this collaboration we also conducted assessment and organisational planning activities regarding the Conad Consortium’s new structure and new roles.

We also carried out assessments and organisational structure redesign on various Cooperatives: Conad Sicilia, Sicilconad, Conad Centro Nord and CIA – Commercianti Indipendenti Associati. In 2015 we also advised for the merger between Conad Sicilia and Sicilconad.

As well as organisational consultancy, we have also provided support in defining strategic planning and governance systems for various cooperatives.

As far as sales organisation projects go, we focused in particular on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the coordination processes with points of sale.
In the same area, we also analysed sales support services and redesign projects on the role of sector technicians, setting up a benchmarking system among different points of sale.

In order to facilitate the expansion and involvement of associates, we also designed a training course named Imprendiconad, dedicated to new members of Conad Centro Nord.

Intranet home page

We also designed and implemented a new intranet system for Conad Centro Nord, with the aim to bringing closer and fostering relations between cooperative management, members and supermarket personnel. The Intranet also provides access to HR services, helps drive strategic change projects and improves the management of shared resources.