A process of involvement, training and enablement related to company changes at cultural, organisational and professional levels… aimed at front-line personnel of a leading Italian health care player.

Front cover of the organisational behaviour Thesaurus.

In 2012 and 2013 we carried out a training course with all professional involved in relations with patients for chargeable services: i.e. customer services, nurses, auxiliaries, etc.. The project focused on developing interpersonal relationships with patients, in order to develop a sense of belonging and collaboration with the work team. Contributions by project participants were used to elaborate a behavioural Thesaurus for creating positive relationships with patients.

The gadget with the “golden rules” for patient relations

Afterwards we drew up and carried out a training process dedicated to customer service personnel, orientated towards the concept of “patients at the centre”.
This process is focused on developing relationship skills among personnel in customer service positions in all phases of contact with patients.

A screen-shot from the “PARC Gym” module

One innovative feature of the online training designed for Humanitas is its “immersive experience” module.
We created three interactive scenarios, each involving dealing with three different kinds of patient. The module was called Palestra PARC (or PARC Gym), and consists of video simulations of real situations in which the participants have to identify themselves and decide how to behave to cope with various types of customer requests.


people involved, including operators and coordinators of different department