FutureFromNow is a Change Management project dedicated to managers, specialists and Artsana sales network agents, whose main objective is to promote, spread and support a cultural change and a new way to approach sales within the group.

FutureFromNow in desktop and mobile version

Proactivity, understanding and anticipation of customer needs, vision and leadership are just a few of  the features shaping the training proposal.

FutureFromNow  is a blended proposal dedicated to a total of 200 people, with online and offline stages and activities, through “challenge” play based on product, channels or cross functionalities. Engagement, sharing and mutual supports are the key words distinguishing the project.

Another desktop view from the platform

Activities are carried out in the classroom with the support of Eventapp, a Coreconsulting property app for managing training events in a dynamic and interactive way, even in the case of a wide audience.

The sharing of the rules of behaviour is reinforced by the proposal of a team game, focused on the sales process and on the most appropriate interpersonal styles to pick up to grant success.

The successive duels are made with Playground ©, a Coreconsulting gamification platform.
Combining plugins and contents, it is possible to design, in a modular and swift manner, the project and the gamification dynamic suiting best the customer needs, such as stepwise contests, duels of knowledge, portals edutainment, adjournment portals and learning races.