The internal platform BReady is the result of an innovative project in the means of communication, information, commercial training to support the launch of Personal Loans across the BPER bank network.

BPER wants to offer a unique and multi-device spot to find all product and process informations, communicate and inform promptly in a clear and quick manner, experimenting how a powerful communication can stimulate the participation and engagement of the people .

BReady on desktop

Bready is made with Playground ©, a Coreconsulting web and mobile gamification platform. It lets people find out everything they need to know about new products and processes through the Magazines, a flexible format that conveys the essential information in a visual way, as to facilitate the memorization. Users can confront upon commercial situations thanks to the Matching Game and Mini Cases, making it possible to go deep into and put in practice their learning. At the end of the path, users can test their knowledge through the Quiz and test their skills by challenging their colleagues in one-to-one knowledge duels. Each test make it possible to get a medal and points, to climb the ranking.

BReady on the mobile

The gamification dynamics, a special care in the construction of the content and the design of a captivating and smooth user experience, designed for real recipients, make BReady a tool suitable to catch the sales network attention, as well as a communication and commercial information mean.

The project was been realized in a community environment in which BPER team from various banks/ divisions  and representatives of end-users have been involved, along with the whole Coreconsulting team. This condition allowed to keep an open confrontation, seize all ideas and suggestions for improvement and to keep up to date the entire project team.