This programme offers a portfolio of distance learning tools designed to stimulate and develop business-orientated leadership.

For the pilot edition, we carried out an ad hoc programme involving 33 participants spread worldwide (Italy, Congo, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Angola…). The programme is meant to encourage the development of an agile leadership style, capable to adapt to the specific context of a business sector in great change.

Through webinars, a rich library, a dedicated coaching path, the discussion of individual success stories, a dedicated community, a business game of high complexity, the programme concentrates on 4 theme areas connected with leadership development: scenarios and development trends, complexity and self-organisation, lean thinking and knowledge management.


coaching sessions


documentary resources


specialised videos



Over the seven months the project was run through, the participants met with ten different top experts from international academic and research communities, and had access to four hours of individual consultancy on the construction of a case of success.

The organization of the programme has enabled us to develop sophisticated techniques and methods for running long-distance seminars, very different from both direct lectures and e-learning activities. A wide range of available options make it possible for the participants to pick their preferred learning forms and contents, and thus obtain the benefits of a perfect match with their own development needs.

The format also enabled us to reach top managers spread all over the world, encouraging, as a bonus, exchanges and interactions between different business approaches and different countries.